Digital Capture

Artwork Scanning & Photography

If you’re serious about making Fine Art Prints of your artwork, starting with anything less than an outstanding file is simply not an option.

We offer two artwork digitization services. One involves flatbed scanning while the other is carried out in our professional photography studio with high-end digital equipment. 

Artwork by Maria Clara Guimarães

Artwork Photography

For originals A2 or larger in size we will capture your artwork in our photography studio with a professional 46 Megapixel camera. We will provide you with a print-ready, high resolution 16-bit file that is colour matched to your original.

Artwork Photography Packages

We offer tailored artwork photography pricing: €65+VAT per piece for 1-2 artworks, and discounted tiered packages for 3, 5, and 10 pieces. Additional artworks falling between packages are charged at the lower package rate. For larger collections, contact us for a personalized quote.


62 + VAT each
  • 3x artworks
  • Total: 186€ +VAT


58 + VAT each
  • 5x artworks
  • Total: 290€ +VAT


55 + VAT each
  • 10x artworks
  • Total: 550€ +VAT

Artwork by Marco Correia

Artwork Scans

We’ll scan your artwork up to A3+ size and provide you with a high resolution, colour corrected file that matches your original. For any editing beyond colour matching to your original (i.e dust and scratch cleanup, background removal etc), please view our hourly rates.
In our extensive experience however, most originals don’t need more work than minor colour correcting (included in price).

Artwork by Marco Correia

Artwork Scanning Prices​

Our flatbed scanning services handle up to A3+ size with resolutions of 300dpi, 600dpi, and 900dpi. As a rule of thumb, for optimal print quality, choose 300dpi for original-size prints, 600dpi for 2x original-size, and 900dpi for 3x original-size prints. Receive top-quality files tailored to your preferences and budget and enjoy a 10% discount on 6 or more scans. For large collections, contact us for a custom quote.

300 dpi10€15€20€
600 dpi15€20€25€

10% discount for 6 or more scans
VAT not included in the price.